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Augustiner Keller 1964

An informal evening in the world famous Augustiner Keller, 1964

Now well into our fourth successful decade, we at the Cultural Studies Academy invite you to live and learn in Salzburg, Austria: Europe’s cultural jewel. The total cost is modest. Three and a half weeks of learning, excursions to nearby countries and points of interest, personalized travel and ample free time are only a few of the features that distinguish this beneficial program. A wide range of courses, workshops and classes are offered, appropriate for participants of all ages (16+ years, and families). This program balances classroom study with academically or culturally oriented travel, with co-curricular activities planned for many afternoons and some evenings. Exciting day trips and overnight excursions are provided as options to ensure that participants safely experience Europe’s variety and heritage.

We have been doing this for over 45 years!

Augustiner Keller 2000

An informal evening in the world famous Augustiner Keller, 2000

Every year our participants come to know and love Salzburg. Since they live in local family owned and operated Pensions (Bed & Breakfast type accommodations) with friendly host families, they have many opportunities to get acquainted with and understand Austrians and their culture (an insight unobtainable when living in a dormitory). For most students, this is an important step toward securing international careers and future success. Come join us…

Munich Airport Arrival 2008

The 2008 Group's Arrival in the Munich Airport

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