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* Folkdance night?
* The Augustiner Keller?
* The Stiegl Keller?
* Mrs. Foote?
* The Goldfasan?
* Singstunde?
* Herr Nier?
* Your Professor?
* The Harrersahl?
* Walks along the Salzach River?
* The Tohowaboho?
* Riding your bike everywhere?
* Climbing the Untersberg!!
* Paying to go to the toilet?
* Riding the bus?
* The Hotel Grödig?
* Getting soaked in Hellbrunn?
* Doing laundry?
* The Gasthof Schnöll?
* Your Haus Frau?
* Going up to the Fortress?
* The amazing featherbeds?
* The Market with the chickens?
* The Adventures, the Fun...the EVERYTHING?!??!

Check back for information, names, addresses and e-mails of participants from past years. If are CSA alumni and would like your details to be added to this future page, please e-mail us with your information.

Things we would like to have are marriage information, spouses name, children’s names and ages, any memories & stories you would like to account from when you went to Salzburg with CSA, your contact information, old and new photos, etc.

We welcome your information!!!

Also, please visit The Cultural Studies Academy's page on Facebook

Sonya on Folkdance Night in the 60's

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